Q1. How to make an order?

1) Sample approval.

2) Client make 30% deposit after receiving our PI.

3) Client approve our samples, and get the testing report if any necessary.

4) FRI.

5) Client effects balance payment.

6) Supplier arrange necessary documents and send copy of these documents.

7) Arrange shipment.

8) Supplier send original documents or telex release the goods.

Q2. What's the MOQ?

Different items will different.

Usually,the MOQ have 500pcs,1000pcs,3000-5000pcs.

When you need to place an order, please contact us to confirm details.


Please be cooperative and provide artwork as requirement when placing order

1. Vector art such as “EPS” or “AI” or “CDR” or “PDF”
2. Convert text to Curves, to avoid the font deformed
3. Except 4 color process printing, all the screen printing artwork require corresponding
Pantone number of each color.
4. JPG file is also essential as it guarantees the original design won’t be changed or deformed in any circumstance while we open it. The resolution of “JPG” file must be 300dpi when placed at 100%, otherwise objects will be vague while enlarging the arts.
5. Please specify the product full size in the artwork, if it is semi-cubic or 3 dimensional cubic, please specify thickness. Sometimes is it necessary to offer CNC artwork or physical sample for fully 3D designs.

Q4. How to place an order?

Please check below flow chart for reference first.

As long as you provide the logo & designs with specific details(Size/quantity/fitting and colors etc.)stated clearly,we can quote you the best unit price and mold charges accordingly.

Fill out below form and upload your artwork or photo for us reference.We will get back to you as soon as possible!

how to make an order with Jin Sheu

Q5. How to find a PANTONE COLOR?


Q6. What process may I Choose?

It have Plastic injection,Rotocast,Automative glue dispenser,Vulcanizing process etc.

Q7. Due to the high cost of mold opening, do you have some for customized silk print LOGO?

Yes,we have some,but not all of it,only the plastic phone case,silicone travel bottle,silicone water bottle and some silicone mini candy bag have the exist mould,welcome to customized printing logo on it.

Q8.  Information

Accept custom designed orders only,there are no open designs to choose from,no stocks or over run items for sales either,everyting must be your own logo or design.

As long as you can offer the SIZE / QUALITY / COLORS / PICTURE OF YOUR DESIGN and state clearly the finishing,attachments,colors...etc.,then we can quote you the competitive prices or give you some advices if we can't make it as your request.

Looking forward to receiving your specific inquirires.

More questions,please contact with us.

Also Please send email ( info@oyigifts.com ) or online for catalogs and more details.



Contact: Miss.Ouyang

Phone: 86-769-22013274

Tel: 86-769-22013274

Email: info@oyigifts.com

Add: Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China.

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