10 Fun Ideas For Gifting Silicone Travel Bottles

The art of gift-giving is a very delicate thing. You can be very subtle in choosing your gift ideas – and that might not convey the message you want to. Or, you could be very “aggressive” and the gift could be misinterpreted as something you didn’t want!

There are very few gift ideas that strike a balance between subtle and aggressive; andsilicone travel bottles are probably top of that list. We’ll explain why.

Why give a customized silicone travel bottle as a gift?

The most obvious response to that question might be: Why not!

Humans are meant to stay hydrated, and the best silicone travel bottles have been designed to help us do just that. So, why not give it as a gift to someone you love? The fact that we all have the urge to consume various types of liquids throughout the day makes gifting a travel silicone bottle a great idea!

Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee or chocolate in the freezing winters, or a nice cold beverage in sweltering summer – having a personalized silicone travel bottle by your side can be a real treat. Every time a gift receiver takes a sip from his/her travel bottle, they’ll likely remember the gift giver and thank them.

Gift receivers come with all types of personalities, temperaments and dispositions. The great thing about customizing these handy bottles is that they can be easily transformed into something that perfectly reflects the personality of the receiver. And that’s why silicone travel bottles make such a great gift!

But most importantly, silicone travel bottles aren’t too expensive for anyone to buy and gift to others. In fact, companies and businesses that place bulk orders on customized bottles will find that they pay next to nothing for their gifts – compared to the benefits they receive from handing them out at corporate events.

What makes silicone travel bottles a great gift idea?

But why not give someone a gift – like cash or gift cards? Well, unlike a travel silicone bottle, those gifts are rather impersonal. The receiver will immediately realize that you didn’t put too much thought into selecting the gift for them. And that’s not an impression that any gift giver wants to convey!

When you give a gift to someone, you want it to mean something. You do that by giving a gift that will be used. And that’s exactly what makes a travel silicone bottle a great gift idea. But if you are looking for more reasons why travel bottles make for great gifts, here are some:

  • Functional: Because they serve an essential biological function – that of keeping us hydrated – silicone travel bottles are great for gift giving. Someone who receives one – especially if it is customized especially for them – will always use it.
  • Portable: Unlike a 3-liter flask, these bottles are light weight and small enough to take anywhere. You could handily store them in your backpack or your purse, and still have room for everything else you need to carry.
  • Discrete: Some gift receivers are naturally averse to drawing attention to themselves. So, if you give them a flashy watch or a fancy hat or coat as a gift, they’ll likely not feel too comfortable using your gift too often.

Some of the best silicone travel bottles are hardly ever noticed! Because they are so elegant and attractive looking, everyone owns one. You see them everywhere – but you hardly “notice” them because they are part of the user’s personality. And that’s why they are such great gift ideas!

  • Customizable: Made from synthetic polymer material, a travel silicone bottle is easily customizable for almost any occasion. You can have them produced in different shapes, sizes and colours. You can even have them personalized to match the gift receivers favourite real-life or cartoon personality.

So, if Superwoman or Batman is a favourite idol of someone you love, think how he/she would feel to get a gift of a silicone travel bottle with those figures on them?

  • Safe: Sure, regular plastic bottles come for “free” when you purchase bottled water or pop. So, why spend money buying silicone travel bottles? One word: Safety! Those “free” bottles come with a huge price tag – your health! The reason that pop manufacturers can “give” them away is because they are made from cheap, unsafe materials.

The best silicone travel bottles, on the other hand, are BPA-free and completely safe for your health. That’s the reason why you can feel completely at ease giving it as a gift to someone you care about!

  • Environmentally friendly: With regular plastic bottles, you also get environmental pollution, because they are a recycling nightmare. Millions of them end up in landfills, and take decades to decompose. Silicone travel bottles target an eco-friendly consumer that is happy to reuse their bottles every day in the hope of reducing their carbon footprint!
  • Durable: One reason that a travel silicone bottle makes such a great gift idea is its durability. The fact that it lasts month after month, and can sustain falls and drops, scruffs and abrasions, bangs and bumps – and still be as good as new – makes gifting silicone travel bottles a great idea!
  • Low maintenance: An endearing property of these bottles is that they don’t need too much maintenance. They’re moisture proof and mildew resistant – and are easy to wash. That’s why, sometimes gift-givers of silicone travel bottles targettheir “on the go” friends and well wishers with these gifts. Just a quick rinse under warm or cold water – and your gift receiver is ready to re-use his/her silicone travel bottle for yet another day!

The beauty of these qualities is what attracts most gift givers to using a travel silicone bottle as a gift. But the real secret isn’t in the bottles themselves – that comes later. The true genius of giving these bottles as gifts lies in the material – silicone – from which they are produced. Flexible, durable, versatile, safe – silicone makes an ideal material to create such gift ideas as silicone travel bottles.

And then, there’s the personal side of these travel bottles that makes them such great gift ideas. Using silicone, gift producers can mold, shape, bend, fashion, colour and craft a travel silicone bottle to look like anything you want. If you can imagine a personalization idea – chances are that your silicone gift shop specialist can bring it to life.

And that’s yet another reason why these handy bottles make for such great gift ideas!

10 travel silicone bottle gift giving ideas you’ll love!

Before you think: “Humm…I don’t know anyone who travels, so maybe a silicone travel bottle might not be a good idea to include on my list of gifts” – Stop! There are some gifts that have unique names – like polo shirts. But their names don’t necessarily define their usage. Would you only gift a polo shirt to someone that plays polo? Probably not!

travel silicone bottle is the same. Just because it has the word “travel” in it, doesn’t mean that it’s meant only for travelers. Here are ten common usages that silicone travel bottles target every day.  Perhaps these will provide you some gift giving inspiration:

  • The traveler: It goes without saying that people that are frequent travelers should have silicone travel bottles as constant companions. Giving a travel bottle as a gift to an avid traveler will not only save them lots of time and money on potable drinks, but in some cases carrying your drinks with you might be the most practical thing to do – like when travelling on long-haul journeys
  • The commuter: You don’t have to know someone that racks up the airmiles or travel points, and use silicone travel bottles to target them for gift-giving. Those that drive long-distances for work or study, and even those that frequently use the train or public transport to go from one place to another are ideal recipients for a travel silicone bottle as a gift
  • The college goer: When kids move off to start a brand new stage in life – away from home – what better gift to give than silicone travel bottles? You can easily personalize them with their new college logo, or with an image or phrase that’ll remind them of home. Young kids will love it!
  • The newcomer: You may know someone who has just arrived in your neighborhood, your office or your school or university. Imagine how they would feel during the first few days or weeks, not knowing where to get a drink or where the closest vending machine is located. Your silicone travel bottle gift will make them feel truly welcomed and stress-free. A travel silicone bottle might even be a great ice-breaking gift to a new neighbors next door!
  • The yoga partner: The best silicone travel bottles find themselves find their way into the gym bags of fitness lovers. Giving your new yoga partner one of those bottles, customized just for them, could be the start of a brand-new friendship that could last forever!
  • The ill friend or relative: Silicone travel bottles can target even those that aren’t active or moving about. Hospitals are often very unwelcoming places for someone to spend the night – or several days! And if they are temporarily immobile in a hospital bed – say for a day surgery procedure – knowing that a silicone travel bottle filled with juice or a coffee is within arm’s reach, could cheer them up no end!
  • The special occasion: An appropriately customized bottle can make a great special occasion gift – no matter what the occasion is, or who the silicone travel bottles target A birthday can be an excellent time to give a custom-made travel bottle as a gift. But so can anniversaries! Tip: Choosing a colour or a theme that the recipient relates to, when customizing silicone travel bottles, can make the gift extra special to those receiving them
  • The company brand: Friends, relatives and neighbors aren’t the only ones who love receiving customized gifts – even strangers and customers will love them! You can use customized silicone travel bottles to target your company brand during special events and promotional drives. Because these bottles are so ubiquitous, they can be used to popularize almost any brand – be it that of a retailer, a whole seller, a manufacturer or even a service provider!
  • The environment lover: We all know someone whom we love and admire, who is also very conscientious about eco friendliness. What better way to show them that you care about their cause by giving them a personalized travel silicone bottle as a gift? It’ll show thoughtfulness and appreciation on your part. And because these individuals strongly believe in recycling and reusing, they’ll treasure your silicone travel bottle gift like nothing they’ve ever received!
  • The team player: Are you starting a new debate team? What about new members to your reading or investing club? The best silicone travel bottles can easily be customized to personalize them for any group or team application. Using these silicone travel bottles frequently will give your team the visual identity that sets them apart!

There’s really no limit to who, when, why or where you can use travel bottles as gifts. Because they are so widely used and accepted, customized silicone travel bottles can target almost anyone. From formal to informal, and from official to unofficial use – these bottles make a welcoming gift idea – always!

Where to get the best silicone travel bottles for gifts?

If you are looking to give someone you love or admire a gift of silicone travel bottles, then you need to be very thoughtful in selecting where you source them from. While some producers have amazingly low prices, the travel silicon bottle they offer is usually made from inferior materials. In fact, many contain the deadly BPA chemical that makes them unsafe to use.

Why would you give friends or loved one’s silicone travel bottles that could potentially harm them?

The best silicone travel bottles come from a supplier like Oyi Gift – one of the largest producer of custom gifts. Your gifts will not only be very competitively priced, but they will be manufactured from the highest quality materials – guaranteed! So, if you are ready order your customized travel silicon bottle for friends and family, then why not place an order today!



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